Generations: The Legacy- Is Mazwi Moroka Dead?

The popular actor Musa Ngema, who played the role of Mazwi Moroka on the South African soapie Generations: The Legacy, has been expelled, not dead, due to an alleged terrible attitude on set.


Ngema had been a part of the show’s cast since 2014 after the 16 cast members were on strike for better pay salaries with contracts.

Ngema was dismissed without ceremony after nine years of service, and his character Mazwi Moroka was killed. According to sources within the soapie, he was let go because of his bad attitude.

The news of Ngema’s departure has caused mixed feelings, with many expressing disappointment and sadness. Morokas’s character remains uncertain, but it is obvious that Ngema’s time on the soap opera has come to an end. Mazwi Moroka Dies.

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Fans of the South African soapie, Generations: The Legacy, has seen changes the in the soap. One of the show’s long-standing characters, Mazwi Moroka, played by Musa Ngema, was killed off during the episodes airing between 18 and 19 April.

The viewers will see Mazwi murdered by Abby while trying to offer money for his kidnapped cousin, Paul Moroka, played by Rebaone Kgosimore.

His funeral has been marked by the return of favoured famous Karabo Moroka and Tau Mogale, portrayed by Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphemo.


Created and produced by Mfundi Vundla, The Legacy is a remake of the original soapie, Generations. The question remains: Has Mazwi Moroka left the Generations?

Sources confirmed that it seems that Musa Ngema’s departure from “Generations: The Legacy” was not a surprise. Sources to the show have revealed that Ngema had relationships with his fellow cast members, leading to his expulsion.

The actor’s difficult behavior and uncooperative were reasons for him to be fired. Ngema has since ignored the allegations, but fans of the show have expressed mixed feelings of disappointment for his departure.

However, “Generations: The Legacy” remains one of South Africa’s most popular soap operas, with a committed and gifted cast of actors. As the show moves forward, viewers will expect new storylines and characters to keep them motivated and engaged.

Musa Ngema, a gifted actor from South Africa, was born on the 1 August 1989 in Durban, in the province of KwaZulu Natal. Ngema, now 33 years old, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry through his amazing performances on the screen.

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The show confirmed his departure in a statement and said his contract ended in March this year. Ngema’s character died this week for the return of Connie Ferguson and Rapulana Seiphumo.

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