Mudiwa pledges to help poor Paradzai Mesi who was caught stealing groceries

Following reports that yesteryear sungura musician Paradzai Mesi was caught stealing groceries at a local store, Hip Hop musician and businessman Mudiwa Hodd has pledged to support the embattled colleague.

Paradzi Mesi, who was visibly drunk then, was caught taking groceries from a shop at Henstone Farm in the farming area of Glendale early yesterday morning.

The musician seems to have hit tough times and luckily, after police investigations have been concluded, Mudiwa has offered to buy him some groceries as well as assist his children.

“I do not condone stealing, or any from of crime as a way to survive… UNACCEPTABLE …
But the human in me is saying when all investigations and processes are done by the police, and they clear him or fine him,I want to help mr Paradzai Mesi with groceries, compensate the victim too, owner of the shop. However my heart is on the kids kunyanya, if he has kids, i want to help them too…

According to reports;

“Paradzai Mesi, who stays with his family at Kiyawora Farm here in Glendale, left his home on Wednesday and spent the whole day drinking beer at a shebeen in Henstone Farm. He then went to steal in Mr Shabau’s shop and got caught collecting groceries, which he was giving to his accomplices outside the store while he was inside.

“He got beaten by members of the public, but they ended up feeling sorry for him because he is ill. They took him to a police base here at Henstone Farm, and the cops took him to the police station in Glendale, where he is now.”

Witnesses said his crew fled when he was caught robbing, leaving him alone at the scene.

“When we spoke to him, Paradzai Mesi said he was dragged by unknown thieves when he was coming from the shebeen, and they forced him to get into the shop so that he could pass them the groceries from inside.

“Since he was drunk, he could not refuse the orders of the alleged thieves, who spirited off when they realised they had been seen. Mesi insists that he is not a thief and was used by the thieves who captured him.”

Acting Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Sergeant Major Samuel Chikasha said officers in Glendale are yet to receive a report on the issue:

“We have heard about the case from the grapevine. I will communicate with our officers on the ground, but we have heard that Paradzai Mesi has been arrested after he was caught stealing from a grocery store.”



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