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Two Nemakonde School Teachers Up For Abusing Girls

TWO teachers at Nemakonde Secondary School have been suspended to pave way for investigations into allegations of s_exually abusing female students.

A source, who teaches at the same school, said the abuse came to light when one of the victims showed her parents an explicit message sent by one teacher.

“It is very saddening that these two teachers have been abusing female students at the school for a long time,” said a source. “Their luck ran out when one of the teachers sent a message to a female student telling her that he wanted to have sex with her.”

Another teacher said the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education should take stern action against the culprits for tarnishing the image of the teaching profession by betraying the trust parents place on teachers.

“They are killing the future of the girl child.

“These two teachers are a shame to the school and profession,” said the teacher.

District Schools Inspector, Solomon Katoma, refused to shed light into the matter.

“I cannot give you information as the matter is still under investigation.

“The information is not for media consumption,” said Katoma.

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