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Man kills girlfriend, steals car, bank cards and makes withdrawals

On Wednesday, 2 April, 37-year-old Phelisa Kulu’s lifeless body was found inside a bathtub in her house in Drieziek 4.

The suspect is believed to have murdered Kulu his girlfriend on 12 April and took her bank cards, ID, Drivers licence, cellphones and her vehicle, a red Hyundai Tucson Reg KS40PV GP and also made cash withdrawals from her bank account on 15 April 23 when the salary was paid into the victims account.

The suspect is believed to be a Mozambican national.

Phelisa’s mother, Doris Kulu, told Orange Farm news that when Phelisa failed to come and drop some items for the children and was not answering her phone, she became suspicious and went to her house to check why was unavailable.

She said: “When we arrived, we noticed her car was gone. The neighbours told us about an argument between her and her boyfriend. We decided to go and report the matter, police told us to break the door to gain entry. Neighbours broke the door and made the grim discovery. My daughter was lying dead in her bathtub. The boyfriend took my child’s life and her belongings.”

Phelisa Kulu’s car which was allegedly stolen by her boyfriend
Phelisa Kulu’s car which was allegedly stolen by her boyfriend

Doris added: “What he did to my daughter is painful, we are deeply hurt. Justice must take it’s course, he must be found and face the full might of the law.”


Kulu’s distressed friend, Nombulelo Matabane, said“I’m deeply hurt by the heartless murder of my friend. On Monday, she had an argument with her boyfriend and called me to come immediately. When I got to her place, I called her then realized that the car was gone. I thought she went out and left not knowing that my friend was dead inside.”

Matabane said the boyfriend had a baby with another lady who used to go and swear at Phelisa in her house. “She once came and broke windows, we went to open a case against her but she was never arrested. On the day of her murder, Phelisa was chasing the boyfriend out of her house. That’s what the argument was about,” she explained.

Orange Farms SAPS spokesperson, Sgt Shaan Motsapi said the deceased had sustained bruises on her face and police are investigating a case of murder.

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