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Couple caught having tlof tlof in the middle of Harare street

A 31-year-old Mandara man was arrested on Sunday for having sεx with a woman in the middle of Harare Street.

Houghton Ndengu, wrestled with two patrolling police officers at around midnight after he was caught having sεx with his lover, Sichelesile Dube.

The incident attracted hordes of night duty workers, who included security guards.

“We watched free drama when Houghton wrestled with two police officers.

“Hanzi handisungike nekuti mungatobuda basa mese,” said one witness.

Harare provincial police spokesperson, Luckmore Chakanza, could not be reached for comment.

According to H-Metro, Houghton and Sichelesile were arrested and taken to Harare Central Police Station where they were detained.

In other news,

A cheating couple was found stuck together while having tlof tlof in Norton in a suspected case of juju.

According to eyewitnesses, the married man was sleeping with a married woman unaware that her husband had used juju on her as he was a truck driver and was never home most of the time.

During the commotion, the cheating man’s wife tries to get inside the house to witness the unusual act.

She says that she once warned the two from engaging in their illicit affair.

One of the eyewitnesses can be heard telling the pair that they are going to die stuck like that. READ MORE>>>

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