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Beware: Rich men pouncing on married women for rituals

WHAT is this that we hear about mɑrried women who think they are simply chǝat!ng on their husbands when in actual fact they are being used for money-spinning rituals?

Word reaching Yours Truly is that we now have a breed of men in town, some of them filthy rich, whose source of money is not clean.

Part of the instructions they got from their traditional healers included bǝdding mɑrried women.

When this clique of evil men approaches a lady, their greatest wish is that she is mɑrried. If a woman tells them that she is single, they instantly move on to the next prey.

They have become so smart in their operations to the extent that they have female runners who scout for mɑrried women for them.

Being an elder in our community, Blabber is just there to forewarn those who think they are getting “back at their husbands or fixing their husbands” by chǝat!ng when in actual fact their bodies are being used for ritual purposes.

Being forewarned is being forearmed!

And then there is this other driving school business operator who is in the habit of sǝducing his female clients.

I am blabbering about none other than this other driving school operator whose real name is similar to that of a Biblical king who founded the Judean dynasty and united all the tribes of Israel under a single monarch.

The name of his driving school has something to do with something that is not so difficult.

The ƨǝxuɑl predator’s official better-half works for this other company that sells paints, while his known concubine is a street banker who operates right in the central business district.

Be that as it may, the driving school operator somehow cannot have enough of the fairer ƨǝx as he tends to turn his business into a hunting zone.

What surprises Blabber the most is that the uncultured boy never misses Sabbath every seventh day of the week.

For the benefit of those who might have missed Yours Truly’s insertion last week, he is the man who was recently caught pɑnts down with this other wayward university student.

Just like his namesake who slaughtered Goliath in the Bible, his female clients, both the rich and the poor, fat and thin, are being butchered in broad daylight.

As Blabber takes a few more notes on the fencing guy, a rival suitor to the Biblical king’s namesake; just sit down, relax and enjoy your weekend.


— Manica Post

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