Boity Thulo’s transformation sparks plastic surgery rumours

Boity Thulo, a South African media personality, has set social media ablaze with her blonde bombshell transformation, in which she can be seen wearing a blonde wig, strong red lips, and a matching dress, a radical departure from her characteristic style.

The photos were captioned “Allow me to reintroduce myself…”, leaving her fans fascinated and anxious to learn more about this new chapter in her life.

However, the drastic change in Boity’s appearance astounded some social media users, with many struggling to recognise her at first glance.

Some speculated that she now resembled Cyan Boujee, a popular social media influencer and socialite.

The resemblance led to heated discussions and debates online, as users debated whether she had undergone plastic surgery or simply used heavy makeup and clever editing techniques.

As fans continue to marvel at Boity Thulo’s stunning new look, there has been growing speculation about whether plastic surgery played a role in her transformation. Some social media users have pointed out that the star’s nose looks different, and this has fueled the rumor mill. Others have suggested that it could be just heavy makeup and expert contouring that is responsible for the change.

However, there were others who voiced their preference for the old Boity, claiming she had a natural beauty that needed no alterations. They hoped that her stunning transformation was merely the result of skillful makeup or photo editing, as they believed she was perfect just the way she was.

Check out some of the reactions;


She’s giving Cyan Boujee’s looks 🥴🥴🥱


are you sure this is Boity? She looks completely different.. but this girl as too pretty , this nawa oooo. But why change her face??????


She’s does not look like Boity now … a whole different person 😮😮😮..she looks like Cyan Boujee


I’m lost here .. did she get a plastic surgery or what’s going on??


Face surgery or make up ? Because she looked gorgeous before. She no longer minnie’s twin, She looks like Cyan Boujee’s twin now !!!


Boity is naturally beautiful. I hope it’s just photoshop cos she doesn’t need any enhancements to her gorgeous face

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