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Tinashe Mutarisi’s former female classmate’s message stirs trouble

Popular entrepreneur and social media enthusiast Tinashe Mutarisi’s spotless reputation was put on the line when a former classmate’s post stirred up a hornet’s nest on social media.

Mutarisi found himself in hot water over the weekend when a former classmate crossed the line with a birthday message that raised eyebrows.

The former classmate, Jossy Jess Mutongi, shared a birthday message on Facebook that stirred up controversy on the social media platform.

The message left a section of social media users feeling that Mutarisi and his former classmate were too close for comfort and that the former’s behaviour was distasteful.

“My desk mate, my besty, my classmate, it’s sad because of levels we can’t play together the way we want anyhow, anytime. I love you ikoko kwauri happy birthday,” Jess Mutongi’s message accompanied by a picture of herself leaning into Mutarisi read.

Tinashe Mutarisi Explains His Relationship With Former Classmate

Mutarisi found himself in a sticky situation as he was compelled to explain and apologize for the picture that Jossy had shared as a part of her birthday message. The picture had stirred controversy, and Mutarisi had to act fast to remedy the situation.

In his statement, Mutarisi expressed regret and took full responsibility for the photo. He explained that he had only seen Jossy once in the last 17 years, and that was after she had reached out to him for help.

Despite not having much money to spare, Mutarisi had done what he could to assist her and even went so far as to post a message on his Facebook page asking his followers to support her.

Jossy had asked for a picture with Mutarisi, and he had obliged, as he was happy to reconnect with his former classmate. However, during the process of taking the photo, Jossy made a move that made Mutarisi uncomfortable. He had respectfully declined, and Jossy had apologized before they went their separate ways.

Mutarisi had not spoken to Jossy in person since that day, but they had exchanged messages on WhatsApp. He was pleased to learn that his followers had been supporting her small business, and he encouraged them to continue doing so.

He concluded the message by apologising to his friends, associates and fans before mentioning that his wife is now used to such situations.

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