“I’ve been warned not to play Ibotso”: Winky D ignites Bulawayo

The multi-award-winning Zimdancehall sensation, Winky D, once again proved his stage prowess as he stole the show at the highly anticipated Shutdown party in Bulawayo.

The talented chanter delivered an electrifying performance that had the crowd pulsating with energy throughout the night.

Videos and posts capturing the artist’s captivating stage presence and energetic delivery flooded various social media platforms, igniting a wave of praise and appreciation for his talent.

Winky D’s Powerful Speech Sparks Fan Praise and Admiration

In addition to his electrifying performance, Winky D’s powerful speech addressing the crowd’s demand for his controversial song, ‘Ibotso,’ garnered widespread praise on social media.

As fans eagerly called for the chant to resonate through the venue, Winky D took a moment to address the crowd’s demands.

In a heartfelt speech,  he revealed that he had been cautioned and warned against performing the song.

Let me talk, I have been cautioned, I have been warned,” he stated. “They said if you sing that particular song, there is going to be a disaster, so I do not want disaster here. I want people to have fun, I want people to party.” 

Winky D continued his powerful statement, expressing his disappointment with attempts to control his music and playlist.

They want to arrest the music. Music should flow like a river. They don’t have to control my playlist. I want to play what I want; I have to play what you want,” he proclaimed passionately.

Social media users lauded Winky D’s integrity and his commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for his fans.

@Simon Simz Kumire;

Gaffa iGaffa the definition of bravery,🙏🙏


Now l can say winky d is bigger than any artist in zim ✍️
@Herb James;
Nuff respect for you Gaffa
@Donald Nyakudya;
Well done Gaffa, speak what is your heart. What God has put in your heart, freely express it.No Man should intimidate or oppress another

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