Raw affair: Mai TT exposed for sleeping with Baba Harare

The world of Zimbabwean showbiz has been rocked by explosive allegations made by Ketty Masomera against her former friend and fellow celebrity, Mai TT concerning Jiti musician Baba Harare.

The controversial comedienne and musician has been accused of leading a promiscuous lifestyle by juggling several men at any given time, and not using protection.

But the bombshell accusations did not end there. Ketty also claimed that Mai TT had slept with popular musician Baba Harare, who had also been intimate with Tariro Gezi.

Mai TT accused of sleeping with Baba Harare
Mai TT’s scandalous lifestyle exposed| Mai TT with Baba Harare and Tariro Gezi (Image Credit: Mafaro)

The revelations have sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, with fans and critics alike taking to social media to express their disbelief.

Ketty went on to accuse Mai TT of being a broke celebrity who lived a fake lifestyle on borrowed money.

She even debunked the claim that Mai TT’s former husband, Tinashe, had taken her money, stating that Tinashe did not take a single cent from Mai TT.

Instead, Ketty claimed that Mai TT had used the money for her own needs and lied about her ex-husband taking it.

Mai TT Accuses Former Friend Ketty of Buying Her Friendship, Burns All Gifts on Facebook Live 

Mai TT has hit back at her former friend Ketty Masomera, accusing her of buying her friendship. In a Facebook post, Mai TT claimed that Ketty had offered her money in order to become her friend.

Mai TT went on to say that she felt betrayed when she found out about Ketty’s true intentions and that she had decided to cut her off completely.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mai TT caused a stir on social media after she tore up and burned all the clothes and wigs that were gifted to her by Ketty.

Mai TT's Affair with Baba Harare Exposed by Former Friend Ketty
Mai TT with Ketty (Image Credit: Mafaro)

Mai TT told her followers that she does not want anything that had come from Ketty and that she was moving on from their friendship.

In a post on her Facebook page, Mai TT wrote;

Mawig amurikuchemera hatidzose zvatakambopfeka I ye torn and burnt them your room ndakadira salt dAy rawakaenda pawakatenga murio ask my maid takarasa thts how I didn’t trust u. Haugone kugadzira mawig mazhinji ndeangu andaitoita coverup kuti uwane ma customer how many complaints evanhu vaiuya kufon kwangu wavasonera hata dzewig. Mariyako yawakatenga hushamwari wakadzorererwa maivako varikuti vanondiroya ngavatange varoyonora iwewe first nemuninina wako.


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