Are Tom Cruise, Shakira Dating?

Sometimes when two celebrities are seen together it’s a hint that there’s more going on, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Earlier this week there were claims that after Tom Cruise and Shakira were seen together at an F1 race that Cruise was quite taken with the pop star, and while that may very well be the case, it does not appear that Shakira feels the same way and the two have not started dating.

Over the weekend Cruise and Shakira were spotted spending a lot of time together during an F1 race in Miami, and the word from unnamed sources was that Cruise had become smitten with Shakira. Now there are some new unnamed sources talking to TMZ but these are closer to Shakira, and they claim that there’s nothing going on between the two.

Apparently, both Cruise and Shakira are friends with racer Lewis Hamilton, and they were both his guests at the event independently, which is why they ended up spending so much time together over the course of the day. As far as the reports that Cruise sent Shakira flowers later, the source could not confirm whether that happened or not, so it’s possible that Cruise was interested in pursuing something. It’s also possible that he was just being nice. We’ll have to wait and see if Shakira gets a Tom Cruise cake next Christmas.

Shakira has been single since splitting from longtime boyfriend Gerard Piqué last year and it sounds like she’s perfectly happy spending time with her sons and being single. Cruise most recently was rumored to be dating his Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning co-star Hayley Atwell. Whether or not that relationship was ever real we still don’t really know but even if it was, it was over before production on Mission: Impossible 7 wrapped.

Some people really get invested in certain celebrity couples and it feels like Shakira and Tom Cruise getting together would have mobilized a lot of fans. They certainly would be one of the prettiest celebrity couples we’ve seen in a long time. For those fans, it’s perhaps unfortunate that there is apparently nothing going on here. But one has to believe that neither of these two will be single any longer than they choose to be, and whoever they start dating, it’s going to be big news.

For now, as long as both Cruise and Shakira are happy being single, then we can all be happy for them. And who knows? They only just met. It’s not that shocking that the pair aren’t dating, it’s only been a few days and often these things take time. If they did have a good time together maybe something could happen down the road.

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