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Holy Ten had 99 problems and his baby mama is another one

In an unexpected change of events, Holy Ten is embroiled in baby mama drama after his estranged girfriend Chelsea Tariro Hlomayi launched an attack on the popular rapper.

The issue began when Holy Ten offered to pay USD$150 in child support, leaving Chelsea seething and publicly voicing her dissatisfaction.

Chelsea vented her frustration on social media, pointing out that Holy Ten had previously gone above and beyond by shelling out USD$250 for a DNA paternity test.

She chastised him, though, for now only providing $150 for his son’s maintenance. She even went so far as to refer to Holy Ten in a ferocious post as the “stupidest person alive.”

Here’s the letter from Holy Ten’s lawyers;


Reference is made to the above matter and to your letter dated 4 May 2023.

We have Instructions to inform you that the client is amenable to and can afford to make a contribution of US$150 towards the welfare of the minor child. The stated amount is an amount he can guarantee to advance to your client on a monthly basis without defaulting,

As you are aware of, he is not formally employed and also has a family to provide for. He does not have a consistent source of Income hence his earnings vary from month to month. He is, however, quite certain that he can get US$150 every month for the child.

Kindly revert back at your earliest convenience if the offer is acceptable to your client as he would like to speed up the necessary legal processes and commence with making the payments

Meanwhile, this outburst is not the first time Chelsea has caused a stir with her baby mama drama. Just two months ago, she revealed her relationship with Holy Ten and introduced their four-month-old son, Mufaro, to the world. The revelation came after Holy Ten paid lobola for his now wife Kimberly Richards.

During their previous clash, Chelsea accused Holy Ten of being a deadbeat father, expressing disappointment that he seemed disinterested in their son’s life. She expressed frustration that he had time for everything else, including his music career, but failed to prioritize his responsibilities as a father.

Holy Ten’s response was far from empathetic, as he boldly claimed that his music provided the means to buy diapers for their child. In a shocking statement, he declared that he would only be present in his son’s life after a two-month period, citing personal matters that required his attention.

The ongoing drama between Holy Ten and Chelsea has caught social media’s attention, with fans and followers expressing their different opinions on the matter.

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