Mzansi angry at Makhadzi for lying in ‘bed’ with DJ Maphorisa soon after his release

Recent news of Makhadzi’s recording session with DJ Maphorisa has generated a lot of discussion and controversy on social media.

While some people are giving her the bombastic side-eye for it, others are openly doubting her motivations.

A source claims that the timing of this collaboration has many South Africans scratching their heads, especially in light of DJ Maphorisa’s recent run-in with the law for gender-based assault.

He was detained for attacking Thuli Phongolo, a well-known DJ and actress who was also his lover. They think Makhadzi ought to have supported and stood by another female artist, and it is premature for her to be linked to him.

Some people think it’s a little odd that Makhadzi is working with DJ Maphorisa given the latter’s dubious history of abusing the artists who are signed to his label. Formerly under his protection, Sir Trill and Mlindo The Vocalist have accused him of exploiting them and failing to provide them money they are due.

In a similar vein, Makhadzi has accused Open Mic of engaging in subpar behaviour. Now, many people are advising her to exercise caution when dealing with DJ Maphorisa.

The Ghanama hitmaker revealed on Friday that she was working on new music with DJ Maphorisa via her official Twitter account.

“Studio session with my favourite @DjMaphorisa. Phakathi inside making them hits arivhooone 💃🔥🔥,” Makhadzi tweeted.

Taking to the comments section, a few voices warned that Makhadzi’s partnership could be a recipe for disaster, much like her previous marriage with Open Mic. Meanwhile, some argued that the timing of this collaboration was ill-fated, considering DJ Maphorisa’s recent detainment for gender-based violence.

Below are some of the comments:


Next thing “Twitter help me Maphorisa doesn’t wann pay me”


Oh no my queen I don’t think it’s the right time to be associated with that guy, read the room at least.


I hope you didn’t sign anything without a lawyer phela wena wa lapisa 🤞


Nobody is saying don’t work with him, but for the sake of your own image, don’t tell us that you’re working with him, considering what’s been going on.


Read the contract and understand it with your lawyer. We’re tired of defending you.

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