Sophie Ndaba launches new platform for women

Sophie Ndaba-Lichaba has recently launched a safe platform for women in which everyone shares their hopes and aspiratios.

Taking to Instagram on Mother’s Day, the businesswoman announced the project named She’s a Wonder.

The platform helps women to have new hope, inspiration, and love.

“SHE’S A WONDER is a project you told me to do, Saturday 13th May 2023, we did it! It’s officially here.
A platform that is a safe space for women to breathe a new breath of hope, inspiration, and love. Lord, you are love, and I pray you continue to order my steps with “She’s A Wonder.”Amen. Thank you to everyone who showed up and shared a brunch turned lunch turned almost dinner because we all didn’t want to leave! I thank God for you all. I love you, Wonder Women !!!!”

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