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DNA shows Londie London’s first born son is not Hlubi’s: DJ Sumbody is the father?

Social media has been awash with claims that Londie London’s firstborn child does not belong to his estranged husband Hlubi Nkosi after DNA test results came out.

The two had a fallout and separated with Londie London getting kicked out of their mansion.

according to social media reports, which Londie has refuted, DNA results confirm that Hlubi Nkosi is not the father and sources believe the child belongs to slain DJ Sumbody who was shot dead.

“The DNA results are out. It is alleged that Londie London’s first born child is indeed NOT Hlubi’s Nkosi son. A close source has revealed this as being the main reason why Londie was sent packing from Hlubi’s mansion. The white BMW that was given to her by the ex fiancé was also confiscated following rumors of infidelity. Your thoughts Spyros?”

Londie London responded to these allegations by demanding proof that DNA results are really out, she responded;

Niyenze nobani leyo DNA???? Where is it ?????

The two were building a beautiful home together until Hlubi decided to bring in a second wife, which caused Londie to leave the marriage.

The KZN businessman, according to Zimoja, doubted he is the father of the first child and decided to to go for DNA tests.

“Hlubi suspects that the baby is the late famous DJ who recently died after being shot. This has been causing so much tension between the two,” said a source.

In October last year, the mom-of-two took to her Instagram to confirm that she and the businessman were no longer together and he is “free to date whoever he wants”.

“Hlubi wanted to take a second wife but Londie refused. She told him to choose between her and the other woman and Hlubi chose the other woman,” the source explained.

Londie London announced that she was pregnant with her second child on the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) reunion which aired on Showmax on 6 May 2022 and in the same month it was reported that Nkosi had also impregnated socialite Phumla M.

A few months before Londie confirmed their split, City Press reported that she had moved out of their Westville home in Durban amid claims Hlubi would be taking socialite Phumla M as his second wife.

“He is obsessed with her [Phumla M]. They are always together. He even invited her to his surprise birthday party which was organised by Londie a few weeks back, at La Parada in Durban. When he found out that she was pregnant, he wanted her to keep the baby,” said a source to the publication at the time.

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