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Mentally Twisted Madzibaba’s First Wife Held Down Niece (10) While She Was Rαped

Madzibaba Never Muzorora, a 65-year-old man from Chiredzi, found himself back in custody as he made his initial appearance in court alongside his first wife on Monday. The charges levelled against them were deeply disturbing, as they were accused of committing rαpe.

Madzibaba Never Muzorora gained widespread attention on social media a couple of weeks ago when news broke that he had “married” his wife’s 10-year-old niece. Shockingly, it was revealed that his first wife was also involved in the heinous act against the minor.

Initially, the couple was arrested, but due to legal procedures, they were released within a span of less than 48 hours. Their taste of freedom was short-lived, though, as they were rearrested once a medical examination confirmed that the young girl had indeed suffered sexual abuse.

Madzibaba’s First Wife Held Down 10-year-old Niece While Husband Violated Her


Allegedly, the wife played a significant role in orchestrating the girl’s journey from her home in Bocha, with the intention of making her husband’s seventh wife. Disturbingly, it is believed that the woman herself held her own niece down while Madzibaba Muzorora violated her.

When the police arrived at the Muzorora homestead to investigate the matter, prompted by an image circulating on social media, the couple vehemently denied any involvement. Madzibaba Muzorora even went as far as claiming that he had not married the minor, asserting that she was merely a relative visiting their home.

However, the truth eventually caught up with them. Madzibaba Muzorora was arrested once again, but this time he was released pending a medical examination of the minor. It was discovered that the young girl had been secretly whisked away to Bocha in an attempt to evade law enforcement.

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