Sello Maake KaNcube Responds To Critics Saying He Has “Depreciated”

Over the weekend, actor Sello Maake KaNcube celebrated his 63rd birthday, but not everyone was happy to wish him well.

On Saturday, the actor shared photos of his birthday celebration and expressed his gratitude for his wife Pearl in his posts.

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One social media user attempted to ruin his day by implying that the only reason he gushed about his wife was because he had “depreciated”.

“Funny how this gender [males] starts to appreciate their partners when they have depreciated. All these men love and appreciate you more as they get older. Meeting them younger will give you headaches,” she said.

Sello Maake KaNcube hit back, telling her to put some respect on his name.

“I apologise on behalf of that young man who hurt you, but never make the mistake of mentioning my name and depreciation in the same sentence. Have a peaceful life.”

Many came to Sello’s defence and said the troll’s comments were insensitive.

Social media user Mashela Mamabolo said: “I don’t get how someone else’s happiness irritates people. What could have happened in one’s life for them to be like that?”

Sello has BEEN public about his appreciation for his wife.

Late last year Sello penned a tribute to Pearl, saying he would ensure their marriage would be his last. He was married Palesa Mboweni in 2015 but got divorced eight months later.

“This marriage is it for me, my task is in helping my wife realise the same goal. I’m constantly making sure that I’m worthy of her love and she has the validation to trust that she is the one for me. I practically can’t imagine my life without her, that’s how much I love this woman. She is the woman my parents prayed I would marry one day,” he said.

Sello said it took him 40 years to find Pearl and he planned to grow old with her.

“We will be going to collect our Sassa money together.”

Here’s a glimpse into some of the reactions to Sello’s post:

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