Kudzai Mushonga now dating an Arab girl after splitting from Khanyi Mbau

Zimbabwean millionaire and ex-boyfriend of South African actress Khanyi Mbau — Kudzai Mushonga did not waste time and has already moved on evidenced by him showing off another new Arab beauty via an Instagram Story on Saturday 27 May.

The millionaire businessman said, after splitting from Khanyi Mbau, that he felt like he was in prison and was even contemplating suicide because of the toxic affair.


According to the Gossip blog Maphephandaba, Kudzai now has a “fetish” for Arab women and his new love interest was reported as Vanja Vincentijevic. There was also a video of a woman in the front seat of his car, which many believed was Vanja. She also posted from the Atlantis The Royal Hotel where Kudzai was also seen.

Kudzai denied that the lady in the car was Vanja, and shaded Khanyi via his Instagram Stories. He implied that Khanyi would tell him to get a cheaper girlfriend if she was “too much” for him. Take a look…

“Life is funny. You can wake up being told ‘if this is too much for you why don’t you find a cheaper girlfriend’. To have beautiful models in your DMs for free,” he wrote.

“The girl in the car is different from the one you tagged, she is Arabic like I said. Now I’m experiencing an episode of married at first sight with baddies that hang out at Cloud 22,” he continued.

He then shared photos of Vanja on his story with hearts.



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