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Ghost ‘Kills’ Wife, Four Children For Neglecting Him On His Death Bed

A Mutare man’s vengeful spirit is claimed to have killed his wife and four of his children.

The reported motive for this spiteful conduct is that the man was denied food and other necessities in his final moments of life.

This was disclosed by her daughter, who also claims the mysterious spirit is tormenting her.

All five people unfortunately died within a short period of time. It is believed that they developed mental health issues following the man’s death, which resulted in their deaths occurring one after the other..

Tamari Pangira, the man’s surviving daughter, is apparently suffering from mental illness, adding to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the family.

It is rumoured that prior to his passing, Pangira made a solemn vow that his wife and children would face repercussions for neglecting him during his most vulnerable moments.

The man shared the torment he was enduring within his family with his brother, Joseph Pangira.

Feeling the need to disclose the disturbing situation, Joseph revealed the details to the Headman, seeking intervention or assistance.

Following an unfortunate turn of events, Tamari had taken Joseph to the community court, accusing him of practising witchcraft against her.

However, Joseph said Tamari’s illness was a consequence of their late brother’s vengeful spirit seeking retribution.

“When my brother fell ill, I would buy him meat so that they could prepare a good meal for him. I would also bring him sugar and bread so that they would make him some tea, but Tamari and her mother would take the food and eat everything.

“My brother disclosed this to me on his deathbed. He told me to stop bringing him food as his family was not feeding him.

“He said they would enjoy sumptuous meals behind closed doors, while he suffered alone on his death bed,” said Joseph.

The elderly man shared that his brother had confided in him, revealing that he had placed a curse upon his family due to their malevolent treatment towards him.

He further disclosed that his late brother had vowed to seek revenge even from beyond the grave.

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