Lady Zamar Insists That Sjava Raped Her

Lady Zamar has taken to social media to address her alleged rape in a 4-part video series.

The Collide artist has faced intense social media backlash after her recent posts where she vocalized how, years after she opened a case of rape against her ex-boyfriend, fellow artist, Sjava, she’s still being hated on.

Zamar, whose real name in Yamikani Janet Banda, asked her cyberbullies if they’d finally be happy if she were to kill herself in a lengthy Twitter rant.

In 2019, after they split, Lady Zamar accused Sjava of rape, an allegation he categorically denied.

A year later, the singer opened a case of rape against Sjava who filed an application at the high court to get the charges against him scrapped.

The case was dropped by the NPA in 2020 because there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the charges, and since then, the 28-year-old artist has been labelled a liar.

Loopholes in Zamar’s story were picked up by Sjava’s fans who questioned why she initially denied being in a relationship with the Khaya Lami hitmaker when she reported the rape.

Then it was a matter of Zamar finding out that Sjava was married, and she was subsequently called a “bitter side chick” who made up the rape allegations because she couldn’t have him.

Zamar said none of this is true because she wasn’t the one who was dumped, it was the other way around.

“Me speaking out was me categorically saying please do not ever claim me again. The attention-seeking part, I just came to social media unprovoked and just shared my personal life with people. Where did this whole thing start? In 2019, this person shared pictures of us at an event in all white, which alluded to us being in a relationship. I called him and asked him what was going on and he said he had been hacked. When I told him that was not okay, and said I was going to tell the public that we are not together, he begged me not to. This is why I responded that we were together for a period of time but that it was over.” Lady Zamar on her alleged rape ordeal

Lady Zamar said while she was with Sjava there were no conversations about sex, and says she feels she was put in that situation without her consent.

Watch Lady Zamar On Her Rape Ordeal

Lady Zamar Slammed

Social media users have attacked Lady Zamar for laying “false” accusations against Sjava saying that she always comes up with these stories everytime the man scores big in terms of success.

Man’s NOT Barry Roux @AdvoBarryRoux

Lady Zamar is the one who did herself dirty when she wanted to do Sjava dirty. She just didn’t anticipate that it would get this out of hand for her because she was so sure that the scandal was only going to destroy Sjava’s music career and not also hers.


Any man that claims to believe @Lady_Zamar is just trying to have sex with the females in the comment section that are part of the “I believe her” gang. It had to be said…

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