From Fire Emoji To iHulumende- Zim Hip Hop Artists Unite For Masterpiece

With the release of the eagerly awaited song “ihulumende,” a groundbreaking partnership has formed in Zimbabwean hip hop. Bagga, Bling4, M Killer, Brian Jeck, Kae Chaps, Sainfloew, Voltz Jt, Holy Ten, Calvin Mangena, and Michael Magz are just a few of the brilliant hip-hop musicians who appear on this exceptional single, which is already making waves in Zimbabwe’s music scene.

The song’s title, “ihulumende,” which translates to “We are the government,” expresses the performers’ claim to authority over and control over their artistic expression. Following the success of their previous hit, “Fire Emoji,” the team has reunited and grown larger in order to create yet another masterpiece.

Leo Magozz, whose contributions in the past obscured the song’s full potential, is conspicuously absent from this collaboration. In his poetry, Brian Jeck criticises Maggoz in a subtle manner.

“Handina kumbopinda neHype, wangu tarisa mileage. Makatanga muchibvira apa mava Utsi, makuti tosvora.”

“Ihulumende” represents a significant moment in Zimbabwean Hip Hop as it brings together various talented artists in a unified effort. It mirrors the concept of Zim-dancehall artists’ collaboration on what they refer to as “riddims,” which has been remarkably successful in their genre.

In this remarkable collaboration, Calvin Mangena takes the lead in the chorus, which is sung in Ndebele, adding a distinct cultural touch to the song. The inclusion of regional languages in modern music further celebrates the diversity and richness of Zimbabwean culture.

Voltz Jt seizes the opportunity to address a Twitter troll, Brian_jethro, in his verse, expressing his disapproval of the troll’s actions. Through his lyrical prowess, Voltz Jt delivers a powerful message about resilience and self-belief, urging others not to be discouraged by negativity. “Nhasi wajuma offpeak wakuda kundi controller pa twitter futi / haundiziye haupise and hauna kumbobvira wambopisa futi.”

Nutty O uses his verse to address Holy Ten, encouraging him to stay humble amid rising fame. He also says the reason why he got the National Art Merit Award whilst Holy Ten didn’t is because he is hot. Ku maintaina mukana zvoda kuChilla, Ask me sei ndine NAMA? Zvoda kudziya, ziva. Mandem with the baddies, History vanondiziya.”

Alongside established artists, “ihulumende” introduces two promising names in the industry: Calvin Mangena and Michael Magz. These talented individuals are set to make a significant impact on the Zimbabwean music scene in 2023.

The song “ihulumende” was masterfully produced by Vince Goodbeats, a renowned Zero53music producer based in Chegutu. The track boasts impeccable mixing and mastering by Brian Jeck, Angeo Pablo, and Michael Magz, adding an extra layer of excellence to the already remarkable collaboration.

As the release date was pushed back a few times, fans and music enthusiasts alike were eagerly waiting for “ihulumende” since early May but as the guest list grew, it was certainly worth the wait. What is your favorite verse? Listen to the track below and let us know in the comments!- Greedy South

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