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‘It’s Giving Zimbabwe’: Man Shocked After Travelling To Paris Only To See Street Vendors Trading Below The Eiffel Tower

A man was shocked after visiting Paris in France only to witness scenes depicting Zimbabwe.

When one visits Paris, one would surely expect, as depicted in movies, elegance and some degree of opulence but alas for this tourist.

He filmed the Eiffel Tower and there were scores of vendors selling different wares on sidewalks similar to the picture seen on Harare streets on any given day.

The video captioned; “You budget for 2 years to go on vacation in France, booooom 💥 🤯 It’s giving Zimbabwe 🤭🤣🤣🤣”

The above caption means now Paris looks like many Zimbabwean vending hotspots, especially the CBD.

People on social media were quick to respond arguing that France has become a hub for many migrants and that has resulted in them importing their values and cultures to the host nation.

Belwo are some of the comments;


South Africa is A Movie 🎬@SAizaMovie

·Zimbos are everywhere lol 😆 😂 🤣


A Guy Called Glement@M_o_s_i_y_a

Black people ruin everything nje. I give up


Other countries are strictly against such. SA & France are being used for an experiment


What did France expect when it keeps letting in so many immigrants?
They will bring their culture with them!

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