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From Trophy Lifter To Shop Lifter: Former Caps United Player Caught On CCTV Stealing Whiskey

Patrick Folani, a former football prodigy who was once hailed for his skills on the pitch, is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On a seemingly regular Saturday, the ex-CAPS United and Chrome Stars footballer was caught on CCTV stealingย a bottle of whisky from a liquor shop in Kwekwe.

All this, surprisingly, he accomplished with the help of two females who hand him the bottle quickly in an incident caught on camera.

Patrick Folani’s problems seem to extend beyond the whisky theft event. According to reports, he has reportedly started trading forex and is accused of engaging in fraudulent practices that deceived unsuspecting people.

Additionally, there are rumours that the former football star has had difficulties that have caused him to ignore his own family.

According to a knowledgeable source who preferred to remain anonymous,

โ€œHe was in the company of two women who took the whiskey from the shelf, passed it on to him, and he went out with it. It looks like a syndicate he has been working with to steal from shops.โ€

The CCTV footage captures Folani standing next to a woman at the whiskey shelf, as she hands him the stolen bottle. Subsequently, he brazenly exits the store, with the woman following closely behind.

According to aย local publication, authorities have been alerted to the CCTV footage, and Folani has been confronted about the incident. He has since been ordered to reimburse the liquor store for the stolen whiskey.

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