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Five Families Lose Property From Fire In Westlea

A house that five families were residing in was completely destroyed by fire early yesterday morning in Westlea, Mutare, leaving them counting significant losses.

Ms Maredza informed reporters that the fire destroyed everything she had and begged for assistance from the general public.

She said that the fire began in one of the rooms that two guys who had left for work rented out, and that she wasn’t aware the house was on fire until she woke up.

Each family lost all they possessed.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

“Yesterday morning, I got up around 8 am and saw smoke coming out of the two men’s room. I realised that there was a fire and it was spreading through the ceiling to other rooms. I shouted for help from neighbours. We called the Fire Brigade, but they were not helpful. They came too late after the neighbours had already extinguished the fire,” she said.

All the families lost everything except the clothes they were wearing.

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