Dineo Ranaka Relates With Lira Afte She Suffered A Stroke

She suffers from severe chronic depression, and she is figuring out how to live with it. Dineo Rakana, a former presenter of Kaya 959, was fired by her previous employers for reportedly skipping work after having a mental health breakdown. She has since had to pull herself up from this mess.

In addition to learning how to deal with her depression, she also launched a new podcast.

The mother of three says her journey has particularly been tough. “This week was tough,” she says adding that she has been feeling depressed.

“I was battling with a major depression episode. I could get myself out of bed, to shower or eat. I don’t judge myself. I am still struggling with appetite even now.”

She stayed in bed the whole of Monday. “It was not sadness, but the lack of vitality for anything. My body, spirit and mind were not in sync. They were three separate layers.”

She says that Tuesday was not easier. “Wednesday I had a landmine of triggers. I was even late fetching the kids. I cried in yesterday’s meeting. I allowed myself.”

Since her highly publicised separation from the father of her third child, Dineo reveals that she is in another relationship and it’s helping her to understand the different waves and dimensions of her depression. She says she has been confiding in her new man, a lot.

“He is also tired, I am tired, we’re tired together.” But she is grateful to have a shoulder to cry on. “I am blessed not to be alone in these new struggles.”

In her latest interview, singer Lira takes listeners through how she suffered a stroke while overseas and could not believe that she could be hit by a stroke at such a young age.

Dineo says she relates to the denial, as she was the same when diagnosed with severe depression. Dineo says when she was diagnosed with depression, like Lira, she couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

“But I have to allow myself to not be okay if I am not okay. Permit yourself to not be okay. Not every day is going to be a good day,” she advises people going through the same.

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