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Sizokuthola Murder: Alleged Drug Dealer’s Partner ‘Losing Faith In Police’

The partner of a man allegedly tortured to death by the Sizokuthola television crew, including presenter Xolani Khumalo, is losing faith in the police.

Eunice Raadt, 25, claimed that the police hadn’t updated her on their investigation, despite claims that Khumalo wanted to hand himself over to the police.

The father of her two minor children, Robert Varrie, 49, was declared dead at the Thelle Mogoerane Hospital in Vosloorus after being interrogated and severely assaulted by the crew demanding drugs.

Raadt earlier claimed that the crew, accompanied by heavily armed men wearing balaclavas, and led by Khumalo, arrived at their rented room last week demanding drugs.

Varrie allegedly gave them two packets of CAT worth R80.

He was then allegedly tortured until he soiled himself before being loaded into the crew’s van and dumped at the hospital, Raadt claimed.


In a video doing the rounds on social media, Khumalo addressed a crowd: “I want to thank everybody who supports Sizokuthola. Some people think they know better, yet they don’t know better. Some want to do illegal things. We are fine as long as we are in line with the law. The show will continue. What happened? Some officers don’t know about it. Those who oversee the police claimed they didn’t know about what happened. They promised to call me when I am needed.

Meanwhile, Raadt claimed that Katlehong police haven’t spoken to her following the video.

“The police in Katlehong haven’t updated me since I gave them my statement. The case is going cold. I don’t know if Khumalo had met with the police as he claimed on social media.

“I don’t believe that he has met with police. I thought he was going to hand himself to the authorities. I am still waiting for feedback from the police.

“I want to know if he and his crew will be arrested. Why must he be out? They [allegedly] killed my man. They must be arrested. I have seen the video where he was filmed addressing the public. He is still a free man,” said Raadt.

She claimed her neighbours in Katlehong were supportive and regularly visited her during her grief.

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Raadt has pleaded with the police to update her on the case’s progress. “I am in the dark. I am losing faith that those who killed the father of my children will be arrested. I can’t phone the police. They must update me. They have the resources to contact me.

“What if the docket disappears? Corruption is all over in this country. Money can buy you anything. With money, everything is possible. If this case disappears, I will not be safe,” Raadt said.

Raadt says she is planning to relocate to another area where she would feel safe.

“I am waiting for the funeral. I have nightmares about what happened to Varrie. I am not happy and safe living in this place. What if they come and threaten me?

“I’m from Kimberley, and my worry is should I relocate to my home, how will I attend the case if they are arrested? My mother in Kimberley is worried about my safety. She wants me to come back home.”

Raadt went on to say that after burying Varrie, she was going to seek employment.

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Varrie allegedly maintained his family using money from selling drugs and also doing business as a loan shark.

“My youngest child is two months old, and my eldest child is two years. They are very young and are dependent on me. Their father is dead. He can’t provide for them anymore. I need to work and look after them.

“Who will feed us if I can’t find employment? Where will I get money to buy her formula? I need money for rent. The landlady wants her rent money. I need to move to an area where I will forget about this incident. His death is giving me sleepless nights,” Raadt said.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo said their investigation was ongoing.

“Investigation is continuing. No arrests have been made yet. The police cannot divulge more information as that might compromise our investigation,” he said.-News24

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