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Three Laptops Stolen From ZEC Offices

Three laptops were stolen during an early-Sunday break-in at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) offices in Harare, prompting an investigation into a security violation.

Utoile Silaigwana, the chief elections official, owned two of the computers, while Isabel Mariwowo, his secretary, had a third.

Given that the theft occurred less than a month before the general elections, it was unclear if the computers included any important information.

When Mariwowo arrived for work on Sunday morning and noticed that her electrical appliances were initially off, she quickly realised that there had been a break-in and theft.

“While trying to investigate she discovered that the adaptor was missing form her office,” an internal police memo of the incident seen by ZimLive said.

Mariwowo soon discovered that her Dell laptop was missing, and in Silaigwana’s office an HP Pro Book and Mac Book Pro had also been stolen.

“The south-facing window for Silaigwana’s office was broken with a stone which was on the floor,” according to the memo.

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