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62 Karoi Junior School Students In Horrible Bus Crash

Last night, a road traffic accident involving a bus from Karoi Junior School was reported by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

The incident occurred near Eden Lodge in Mutare as the bus was returning from Leopard Rock Hotel and it was carrying 62 pupils and seven teachers.

Unfortunately, the driver lost control, causing the accident and the injured students and teachers were quickly taken to Hebert Chitepo Hospital in Mutare for medical attention.

The ZRP is closely monitoring the situation and will release further details as the investigation progresses.

The ZRP reports a serious road traffic accident involving a Karoi Junior School bus
which occurred tonight at a road near Eden Lodge, Mutare at 2000 hours. The bus had 62 pupils and seven teachers when the driver failed to control it while coming from Leopard Rock Hotel.

The injured students and teachers are currently being taken to Hebert Chitepo Hospital, Mutare. More details are to be released in due course.

In response to the news, certain individuals on social media raised concerns about students’ safety during trips, urging the Ministry of Education to implement guidelines for travelling with children.

They particularly emphasized that schoolchildren should not travel at night.

Below are some of the comments on Twitter.

Don’t travel in the evening if you don’t know that Rd, especially with children. It’s dangerous. 
8 pm Ministry of Education should have warned schools that no travelling must be done after 6 pm. 
And these repeated school trips just have to be stopped. No day goes without a school bus on a trip with children.
The Ministry of Education needs to put up a policy that prohibits traveling after 6 pm. Where were the children being taken to at 2000hrs? Manicaland roads are not safe for night traveling.

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