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Julius Malema, Son Being Denied Opening Bank Accounts

During a press conference on August 2nd, Julius Malema alleged that multiple banks in South Africa had discriminated against him and his son by denying them accounts.

The leader of the EFF expressed concern for his son’s financial future, as he claimed that banks such as FNB and Absa had closed their own accounts based solely on his last name. Malema’s accusations come shortly after he faced backlash for singing a controversial struggle song.

Despite not being shocked by the banks’ actions towards him, he remains troubled by the potential impact on his son.

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He said: “My son’s bank [account] is being declined. He is 17 years old, he hasn’t done anything to anyone, but he can’t get a bank account.

“We are being bullied by banks in South Africa.

“We need to mobilise South Africans against these banks – and physical action. Their day will come”.

Julius Malema & his son join Duduzane Zuma?😳😳😳

“My banks have been closed by FNB, ABSA. My son’s bank is being declined from being opened – he’s 17 years old, he hasn’t done anything to anyone. We’re being bullied by banks in SA”💔

Malema is referring to his firstborn child Ratanang from a previous relationship.

The EFF CIC is now married to his wife Mantwa, with whom he shares two sons; Munzhedzi and Kopano.

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