Opposition Calls For Inclusive Dialogue

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader Douglas Mwonzora has called for immediate and inclusive dialogue to address the ongoing controversy surrounding the country’s electoral landscape.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Harare this morning, Mwonzora expressed deep concern over the perceived mishandling of the delimitation process which has led to contentious issues around the elections.

“Had people listened to the MDC and supported delimitation, we will would have done the delimitation correctly. You would not have seen the confusion around the ballot papers, around the boundaries, around the polling stations and boundaries that were in a constant state of flux, you would not have seen that.

“Had people listened and now we are where we are because the courts were interfered with. Zanu PF and ZEC were adamant with delimitation. Some members of the opposition are sponsored people to go and fight for the delimitation and we are at this stage, but that is water under the bridge,” said Mwonzora

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He extended an olive branch, stressing the importance of unity and cooperation in resolving Zimbabwe’s issues.

“We are saying come brothers, come sisters, we are brothers, we are sisters, we make mistakes. This is time to correct ourselves, this delimitation is wrong. The problems of this country can be solved by dialogue and let’s engage in dialogue. And we are not saying we told you so. We are simply saying we were right and you may have disagreed with us politically, but we were right. Let’s go for dialogue, I was very happy when I listened to the press conference by my brother Chamisa yesterday where he was calling for dialogue.

“I agree with him that there is need for serious dialogue in this country and I would go on to say that that dialogue must be conclusive, not exclusive. That dialogue must be unconditional and that dialogue must be general and be able to resolve the issues of the people of Zimbabwe. That dialogue, most importantly, must not be aimed it sharing power but must be aimed at resolving the problems of Zimbabwe,” said Mwonzora

Mwonzora’s statements come in the wake of recent condemnation of the recently held harmonised elections that have been described as defective by regional and international election observer missions.

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