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Zambia arrests Zimbabwean genius student shattering his dream to study in the US

A Zimbabwean genius student was arrested in Zambia in an immigration debacle and is crying for help.

Mike Lungu attracted acclaim after completing his Advanced Level studies in under nine months instead of two years.

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Mike Sibangani Lungu enrolled at the University of Zimbabwe for a Law degree. He then got a UNICAF scholarship to the United States and proceeded to Zambia for some courses before the flight to America in October.

However, the genius overstayed his visa and was raided by Zambian immigration authorities two weeks back. He has been in jail since his detention. Mike now needs to pay US$500 to Zambian immigration authorities, or he can kiss his US dream goodbye.

Mike wailed to H-Metro recently, narrating his unfortunate ordeal:

“I was taken from the Airport when I was about to return home to prepare to travel to the US. I overstayed by a month. I have been told that if I don’t pay the US$500 on Monday (today), I will be given a six-month sentence before being deported.”

The student genius also explained how his health is faltering in Zambia since he has a chronic illness. He also detailed the conditions of his arrest:

“I am diabetic and have not been eating consistently since my arrest. We are only allowed phone calls during weekends. I need help kuti ndikwanise kubhadhara fine ndidzoke kuZimbabwe ndigadzirire kuenda ku America on October 24. I can be reached on my aunt’s mobile number in Zambia +260760697289.”

Visa requirements for students who want to study in Zambia are different for students depending on their citizenship. To study in Zambia, all international students require a study visa. Students who overstay their visa risk a court appearance, imprisonment, fine or deportation.

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