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Prophet Magaya’s ‘ungodly scheme’ leaves 61-yer-old woman homeless

A 61-year-old woman from Bulawayo, Thembelani Ncube, has found herself homeless after reportedly investing in the Planet Africa housing project introduced by Prophet Walter Magaya, the founder and leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries.

Ncube, who was a member of the church, reportedly sold her eight-roomed house in Nkulumane 5 in 2017 with the intention of moving to the promised estate house in Douglas Dale.

However, it seems that her dreams have been shattered, and she is now left with no place to stay.

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According to Ncube, Prophet Walter Magaya introduced a housing project to the church members in 2016, where they were required to pay a fee of US$4,000 towards the construction of a house in the estate.

Once residents, they would continue to pay a certain amount until their debt was fully paid.

Ncube also mentioned being involved in several other investment projects introduced by the prophet, such as farming, beekeeping, and solar drying of fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, Ncube’s investments and hopes for a new home have turned into a nightmare.

She claims that the promised estate, which could accommodate about 1,500 houses, remains nothing more than a mirage.

Ncube expressed her frustration, stating,

“All I want is my house or my money which I will use to buy a house because this is time wasted, from 2017 to now the money has depreciated in value, and I have no place to stay”

Ncube reported the issue to the police, but she claims they have not taken her case seriously.

She expressed her disappointment with their response, saying,

“The police went to Umguza Rural District Council and they said there is no such housing scheme. They further referred the police to Mhlahlandlela. The police also told me that the company is in Harare. All I want is my money; I don’t even want to go to Harare.”

In response to Ncube’s claims, a senior official in Walter Magaya’s church denied any involvement in selling people’s properties and stated that the stands in Douglas Dale are still available but the servicing has not been completed due to financial constraints.

The official assured Ncube and others that once the houses are completed, they will benefit from their investments.


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