President Mnangagwa bans unnecessary foreign travel by cabinet ministers

President Mnangagwa has banned superfluous international travel for Cabinet members and their permanent secretaries, stating that only journeys that advance Zimbabwe’s national interests and long-term goal of having an upper-middle-income economy by 2030 will be approved.

The President further decreed that in the future, no minister or permanent secretary would be allowed to leave the nation at the same time because doing so would interfere with their ministry’s ability to provide services and do other governmental work.

Addressing the first Cabinet meeting following his election victory, President Mnangagwa tasked ministers to expedite the implementation of ongoing as well as new policies, projects and programmes for the benefit of the people.

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He said the Second Republic would continue initiating people-oriented policies, programmes, and projects for the sole purpose of improving Zimbabweans’ livelihoods.

“All members remain guided by the relevant circular on foreign travel. In this regard, no minister and permanent secretary can both be out of the country at the same time, as this has negative implications on service delivery and general Government business.

“Further, travel outside the country will be strictly limited to those programmes which are of strategic importance and contribute to our country’s national priorities.

“As the Executive arm of Government, our policies, programmes and projects should remain people-centred for an improved quality of life for all our people.

Vice Presidents Dr Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi follow proceedings during the first Cabinet meeting at State House in Harare yesterday

“Production and productivity across all sectors must be accelerated. All projects and programmes embarked on during the First Term of the Second Republic should be completed speedily. This calls for hard work and focus from all of you,” he said.

The President implored Cabinet members to ensure their ministries facilitate the ease of doing business, pursuant to promoting Zimbabwe as an investment and tourism destination of choice.

To this end, President Mnangagwa directed Cabinet to expedite the attainment of set targets across all sectors, while reiterating that ministers were free to come and consult him for guidance.

“Henceforth, it is critical for Cabinet members to be responsive and robustly track and facilitate the implementation of policies and programmes that quicken the attainment of set goals. My office remains open for any guidance and support.

“Further, as ministers, you are required to ensure that your ministries facilitate the ease of doing business in line with our private sector-led development strategy and quest to make Zimbabwe an investment and tourism destination of choice,” he said.

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