Man charged after girl (3) shot herself with gun he left on a couch

A man from southwest Miami-Dade has been charged after his 3-year-old relative named Serenity found his gun and shot herself while in his care.

Orlando Young, 23, was arrested and charged with child neglect with bodily harm, according to court documents.

Young was staying with family members on Sunday, Sept. 24, at a residence on SW 220th Terrace. He made breakfast for the girl, who was visiting her paternal grandmother’s house, and then watched over her during the day.

Young said while watching a football game he “momentarily left his gun unattended on the couch because he was excited about a touchdown,” according to his arrest report.

The toddler found the gun in that short period and shot herself. The shooting was caught on surveillance video.

Young reportedly told police he heard a “loud bang” and saw blood coming from the girl’s hand.

The toddler was taken to Homestead Hospital and then transferred to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for surgery on her hand, officials said.

According to police, when they spoke to her, she said she found the gun on the couch and played with it. She told them while she was playing with it, she accidentally shot herself in the right hand.

Serenity’s mother is demanding accountability following the shooting.

Warnicia Williams told Local 10 News she cannot stop thinking about just how close she came to losing her daughter Serenity.

“I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m hurt,” said Williams. “The gun was aimed at her chest, and her hand saved her life.”

Serenity has since been released and is in good spirits.

Watch the video of the shooting below.

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