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Tokoloshe chases away all my girlfriends

A 50-year-old man is blaming a tokoloshe for ruining his relationships for the past 2 years and making his life miserable.

The father of two children from New Eesterust in F4, north of Tshwane, said tokoloshe is terrorizing his life as it affects whoever sleeps in his five-roomed house and interferes with his relationship, as visitors are also affected by the tokoloshe at night.

The concerned man said it had affected his relationship and his sexual performance.

“When I sleep with a woman, my 4-5 just sleeps. I am alone. I feel like I need a woman, but I can’t have one because of this creature,” he said.

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Mike said he has attempted to have tlof tlof for the past two years, but the tokoloshe interferes.

The muthi that was discovered on the victim's house
The muthi that was discovered on the victim’s house

He said every time he is with someone, especially a woman, at his home, he hears footsteps.

“The jealous tokoloshe made me separate from my girlfriend in February 2022. I don’t have a girlfriend because the tokoloshe is chasing everyone away. Whenever I bring a woman, they complain of strange noises and footsteps saying someone is in the house, then they would leave,” he said.

He said in the beginning, he didn’t believe in evil spirits and anything supernatural.

Furthermore, he says pastors have tried praying for them and his home, but all is not working.

The madala says he’s been living in the house for the past five years, and the tokoloshe came from nowhere to destroy his life.

He also said the tokoloshe destroyed his beauty product business.

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“I’m down and out in business, and my Mercedes-Benz C-180, 2010 model, mysteriously broke, and I have spent almost R12 000 to fix it, but it won’t come alright. I don’t have money and live from hand to mouth,” he said.

“This creature has ruined my life, chasing away my clients and bringing bad luck,” he said. ‘

He said he is depressed and frustrated. He said women would come and leave disappointed and frustrated because of his sleeping 4-5.

Traditional healer Kato Lekowa said Mike was bothered by tokoloshe and evil spirits.

“They locked his 4-5 and relationship, padlock locked his finance, business and locked his life locked,” he said.

He said a jealous person locked him.

“We burnt the muthi, he will have his life back and peace as time goes on. The tokoloshe will leave him as well,” he said.

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