Garry Mapanzure could have lived but Mars ambulance crew wanted US$2,900 upfront

New details have emerged regarding the death of Garry Mapanzure who succumbed to injuries after a horrific accident on Friday morning.

According to sources, the Mars ambulance crew refused to take Garry to Harare for emergency treatment as they demanded US$2,900 upfront.

They were reportedly told the money was available in Harare but they refused.

Regrettably, Garry fought for 10 hours battling for his life as the ambulance crew and his relatives haggled for common ground.

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Details about this standoff were shared by Hillary Makaya who blames the emergency service provider for his demise.

She wrote on her Instagram page;

“I blame Mars Zimbabwe for Garry’s death! Makati mukuda 2.9k kuti muendese Mukomana kuHaare for better treatment. You were begged to take him to Harare and told mari mopihwa masvika, But makaramba muchiti ambulance haismuke pasina 2.9k. Garry fought for his life for 10 hours straight! He could have lived but you deprived him of urgent medical attention…” Hilary lamented.

Tragically, it was at that very hour when Garry Mapanzure was waiting for an ambulance to transport him to Harare that he succumbed to his injuries. The accident, which had initially left him in a critical state, took a devastating toll on his life.

He was awaiting ambulance transportation to Harare for the specialized care, which was his best chance at recovery.

Christine Charumbira, a Twitter user who appeared to be close to the musician posted,

“Garry Mapanzure is no more, he has gone to be with the Lord. We had very high hopes that he was going to win the battle, the ambulance from CIMAS with all the ICU kit had arrived and everybody excited that finally he was going to Harare to see a Neurologist (Neuro surgeon). It is at that same hour that Garry passed on. We thank you all for praying immensely for him and his mum. The Masvingo community is also appreciated for their unwavering support, they were there until Garry’s very last breath.”

In another post, Christine lamented,

“Speed kills veduwe, no matter how excited you may be, just try by all means to exercise caution and give way to traffic coming from your right, Gary and Simba failed to give way to a truck coming from Beitbridge, so sad 💔💔

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