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Hatcliff man obsessively has tlof tlof with niece five times a day

Authorities have arrested a Hatcliffe man who has since appeared in court for forcefully having tlof tlof with his underage niece five times a day.

It is alleged that he was obsessed with having tlof tlof with the minor and that he would do it five times a day before he was finally arrested and taken to court.

In August, Obert Murakwani’s wife went to the rural areas and left her niece in their rented room with her husband.

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When he returned, Murakwani found his niece packing her clothes and asked her to sit on his lap. Obert inappropriately touched her bosom and had tlof tlof with her. The acts were repeated many times, and Murakwani became obsessed with taking advantage of the minor.

The niece told a friend what had been happening, and the friend urged her to report to her aunt. That is when the matter was reported to the police, and Murakwani was arrested.

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In Other News

In other news, a man from Epworth appeared in court facing accusations of having tlof tlof with a mentally challenged minor girl. 38-year-old Talent Kadaurire is said to have lured the girl to a maize field, where he told her he wanted to give her money. The girl refused his offer, and then he asked for tlof tlof, which the girl turned down again. He then forced her into the maize field and had tlof tlof with her once.

Kadaurire has since been remanded in custody until 18 December, when his bail hearing will occur.

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