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Cops run for cover as nαked woman storms police station

Drama ensued at a police station in Entumbane when a woman stormed the charge office in her birthday suit sending officers into panic.

On Sunday, 14 January, just before midnight, bewildered cops ran for cover as a woman who was reportedly seeking refuge at the station suddenly appeared.

According to reports, an unknown assailant had stripped the woman of er clothes and allegedly fondled her breasts and privates while threatening to stab her.

Fear lent her wings as she broke away from her attacker and ran to the police station for help.

According to a source, initially, the sight of the woman in her birthday suit streaking towards the charge office put “the fear of God” in the officers as they suspected she was a witch who had lost her marbles.

But after she sat down trying hard to cover her essentials, goggle-eyed officers became brave enough to attend to her.

She carefully and eloquently narrated her ordeal and the police officers helped her with clothes to wear.

The source explained that while on her way home, along a footpath an unknown man emerged from the shadows, calling her name and asking her to wait for him.

“The incident happened at around 10 pm on Sunday last week. The man demanded money before he dragged her to a secluded place a few metres from the footpath and threatened to stab her.

“The woman tried to fight back but he overpowered her and managed to trip her to the ground,” said the source.

The source added: “While she was still down the woman tried to throw some blows at him but he managed to pin her down and forcibly caressed her breasts and private parts while ordering her to respond accordingly before threatening to stab her to death.”

Having nothing to rob her of, the man stripped her nαked and fled with her clothes.

The woman picked herself up and sprinted to Entumbane Police Station where she reported the incident.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident.

Insp Ncube discouraged community members from walking along footpaths.

“We have recorded countless crimes that occur along footpaths as such we strongly discourage members of the public from using them as they would be putting their lives at risk,” he said. B Metro

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