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Madzimai Emily’s video “vari musvo” breaks internet

Videos have resurfaced on the internet indicating that Madzimai Emily, a controversial Zimbabwean woman of white Cloth and TikTok personality, has ignited a social media frenzy.

In the recently trending videos seen by Harare Live, Emily is depicted twerking in a white bra and pants, complemented by a white doek, adding to the provocative nature of her ‘holy bedroom attire’.

Furthermore, another video captures Emily engaging in illicit acts, including touching her privates while recording herself.

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The Zimbabwean populace has erupted in a wave of criticism, with many taking to social media platforms to express their dismay and disapproval of Emiy’s actions.

Some have resorted to humorous remarks, referencing her status with phrases like ‘Chikuru Kunamata’ (meaning ‘As long as you are closer to God, nothing else matters’).

As the backlash intensifies, Madzimai Emily has maintained silence, leaving Zimbabweans and online communities to dissect the ethical and moral dimensions of her conduct.

Watch video on link below


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