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Grandmother Impersonates Grieving Mother to Steal Corpse for Secret Burial

In a shocking turn of events, a woman allegedly misrepresented herself as the mother of her deceased grandson, stole his corpse from the Bonda Mission Hospital mortuary, and arranged for his burial without the knowledge or consent of the grieving mother.

The incident, reportedly masterminded by Dropper Makwanza, involved her falsifying information to impersonate Lisa Mafunga, the deceased’s mother, in order to obtain a burial order for 14-year-old Denver Makwanza. Chief Mutasa, who presided over the matter at his traditional court, expressed his disbelief and has referred the case to Ruda Police Station for further criminal investigation. The matter has been adjourned to June 8, 2024.

Peter Mafunga, Lisa’s father, spoke out about his family’s outrage and devastation, describing their shock upon discovering that Denver had been buried without their knowledge. He explained that the family had been waiting for Denver’s father to return from South Africa to participate in the funeral. They only learned the truth through rumors, which left them devastated.

“My grieving daughter was expecting to bury her son alongside his father. She was unaware that her son had already been buried. My family has been deeply affected, especially as we believed the body was still at the hospital mortuary. The incident has caused immense emotional and psychological trauma to my daughter,” said Mr. Mafunga.

Mr. Mafunga added that this was not the first time the Makwanza family had acted without their consent. He recalled a similar incident a few years ago when another of Lisa’s children passed away. “They did the same thing when my daughter’s other child died. Their actions show a pattern of contempt and deceit. We do not believe that the father in South Africa was aware of his child’s death, as they want us to believe.”

Dropper Makwanza, however, disputed the allegations, claiming she informed Lisa about Denver’s death and that the Mafunga family demanded $500 to attend the funeral. She explained that they managed to raise $250 but were unable to gather the full amount. According to her, she contacted the deceased’s father in South Africa, who sent money for the burial and instructed them to proceed.

“We collected the body with the help of letters from the police and our village head, which stated that the deceased’s mother and her family were refusing to participate in the funeral. Everything was done above board. I never forged any documents or misrepresented myself as the child’s mother,” said Ms. Makwanza. She also expressed her disappointment that even the deceased’s father did not attend the funeral.

Chief Mutasa, while reprimanding both families, emphasized the cultural unacceptability of burying the deceased without the mother’s consent and the insensitivity of demanding money to participate in a funeral. “How could you stoop so low as to steal a corpse and bury it without the grieving mother’s knowledge? And what kind of family demands payment to sanction the burial of their loved one? Both families were wrong, and we will deal with this matter to its logical conclusion. We need to ascertain how the burial order was obtained without proper identification,” he stated.

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