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Gcinile’s ‘Pro Bono’ Lawyer Mocked After Viral TikTok Video

Gcinile's Lawyer: A Controversial Figure in the Fight for Justice

Gcinile Twala, a well-known Makeup artist, recently found herself at the center of a media storm when private videos of her were leaked online by her estranged boyfriend, Themba “Grootman” Selahle. In response, Gcinile sought the help of Women for Change, a legal advocacy group, and was assigned a lawyer whose actions have sparked controversy among South Africans.

Gcinile’s Lawyer Under Fire

When Gcinile’s lawyer, who has gained notoriety as the ‘coolest advocate on TikTok’, took to social media to share intimate details of the case, many were quick to criticize her actions. By revealing that she would be representing Gcinile pro bono, instead of charging the standard fees, the lawyer raised eyebrows and drew accusations of clout chasing.
While it is commendable that the lawyer is offering her services for free, some argue that her online behaviour has been unprofessional and attention-seeking. Social media users have questioned the lawyer’s motives and criticized her for potentially jeopardizing Gcinile’s case by publicising private details.

Here are some responses from X:

@realnorma_kay: Gcinile’s lawyer is more embarrassing than her sεx tape. At least Gcinile is not paying for this foolishness 🚮

@ChrisExcel102: After watching that video of Gcinile’s Lawyer Grootman is definitely winning this case… 😭😭

@AkanimiltonM: Gcinile’s lawyer is an embarrassment what a joke 😂😂😂😂

@DQFab_ZA: #Gcinile’s Lawyer is a joke to the Law Degree holders and a horrible example to Legal Representatives. What is this na? A content?

@l3bogangk: gcinile’s lawyer is a prime example of how cooked this generation and is so chronically online, when did it become so normal to come online and speak about your client’s confidential information and tell us that you offered to help her?

Legal Actions Taken

Despite the controversy surrounding Gcinile’s lawyer, significant progress has been made in the legal battle against Grootman. Gcinile secured a temporary court interdict against her ex-boyfriend, preventing him from posting or publishing any more private photos or videos of her. The court has also prohibited Grootman from making defamatory remarks about Gcinile and contacting her threateningly.
In a positive development for Gcinile, the court has ordered Grootman to cover the costs of the interdict, acknowledging the harm caused by his actions. This decision sends a strong message that online privacy violations will not be tolerated, especially when they involve intimate and personal content.

Looking Ahead to Justice

The upcoming court hearing in July will determine whether a permanent court order should be issued against Grootman. This order would provide Gcinile with long-term protection against further privacy breaches and ensure that she can move forward with her life without fear of harassment or intimidation.

As the case progresses, it is essential for Gcinile’s lawyer to maintain a focus on professionalism and discretion. While her passion for justice is evident, her actions must align with legal standards and ethical practices to secure a positive outcome for Gcinile.


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