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Highfield man films self raping his lover, shares video on social media

A Highfield man filmed and shared a video of himself violating her girlfriend on social media.

Nigel Tadiwa Maisiri, 30, called his 24-year-old girlfriend to get clothes she had left behind in South Africa, where they had previously stayed together.

According to H Metro, Maisiri asked to go with her to a hotel at Machipisa Shopping Center where he had reserved a room. Maisiri attempted to force himself on her and a struggle ensued. During the fight, he attacked her hitting her twice with his head: once on the forehead and once on the left eye, causing her forehead and eye to swell.

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Maisiri then went on to sexually assault her without any protection, filming the attack on her Huawei Y9 phone. After the attack, he declined to give the phone back. He then sent the video to her friends and WhatsApp groups on May 23 using the victim’s phone. Her classmates notified the victim that the tape was doing the rounds.

Inspector Luckmore Chakanza, the provincial police spokesperson for Harare, reaffirmed Maisiri’s fugitive status and the ongoing investigation by the police. The victim was recommended for a medical evaluation at Edith Clinic.

There has been no arrest of the suspects.

“Police are investigating a rape case involving a partner.

“On May 23, the accused person used the complainant’s cell phone to send the sex video, which he had recorded, to the complainant’s Whatsapp groups and friends, through Whatsapp.

“The complainant was informed by her schoolmates about the circulation of her sex video.

“Complainant was referred to Edith Clinic for medical examination and the accused person is yet to be arrested,” said Insp Chakanza.

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