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From Betrayal to Reconciliation: Linda Masarira’s private chats exposed as she takes back hubby

The president of the Labour, Economists, and African Democrats (LEAD) party, Linda Masarira, has recently found herself at the center of a scandal that has ignited a firestorm of social media gossip. Reports have surfaced alleging that Masarira has reconciled with her husband, Bongani Mlotshwa, despite catching him in a compromising situation with her 22-year-old daughter.

The controversy erupted when a concerned friend of Masarira leaked private WhatsApp conversations between herself and the embattled politician. In these leaked screenshots, Masarira’s friend, identified as Gugu, divulged the details of her conversations with Masarira, shedding light on the reasons behind her decision to reconcile with her husband.

I am posting this out of anger,
@lilomatic.😬You contacted me crying n l stood with you like a sister you are. You were hurt that Bongani had had sex with your daughter n assaulted you….Going back to him is disgusting n embarrassing.
You are a disgrace to motherhood, Linda!!

According to the leaked conversations, Masarira defended her choice by asserting that, as an adult, she had made the decision to forgive her husband after he apologized and made amends in accordance with traditional practices. It was also revealed that Mlotshwa had reportedly resolved the dispute with Masarira’s parents, further complicating the already tumultuous situation.

Remarkably, the leaked screenshots also exposed shocking allegations concerning Masarira’s daughter, who reportedly exhibited a lack of remorse and allegedly confessed to seducing her stepfather and engaging in a physical relationship with him. These revelations understandably incensed Gugu, who subsequently made the private conversations public, much to the dismay of Masarira, who felt betrayed by the breach of trust.

Linda Masarira confirmed the rumours when  she ingeniously responded to the X post;

Like seriously Gugu? You take screenshots of our chats to X? I am disappointed with you.

The scandal has triggered a maelstrom of reactions across social media platforms, with a wide spectrum of opinions emerging. Many have expressed their disbelief and condemnation, arguing that Masarira’s decision to reconcile with her husband demonstrates a lack of judgment and sets a troubling precedent. Others have sympathized with Masarira, acknowledging the complexity of the situation and the deeply personal nature of marital disputes.

The unfolding saga involving Linda Masarira has captivated the attention of social media users, sparking heated debates and discussions. The breach of trust, allegations of infidelity, and the deeply personal nature of the revelations have thrust this scandal into the spotlight, leaving a lasting impact on all those involved.

Gugu is right and wrong at the same time but if you went back to a man who slept with your daughter, that’s disgusting to say the least. I am a man and I know varume tinohura but to do that with someone who calls you father, is very low. Haazivi kuti kunonzi muroyi royera kure

Linda you are a disappointment to womanhood.
Kugara nemurume anoburuka pauri achikwira mwana wako puuuuuuu 🤢
Iron things out my foot, you are too desperate.
I know you are not facialy and bodily gifted but unowana chimwe Linda
Leave that disgusting man!!!

That’s what happens when you befriend people whose lives revolves online. As a public figure you are supposed to work hard to keep your personal life to yourself and guard your privacy. Now these photos will be used permanently by your troll haters.

Nah sis you don’t expose a sister like that …we all have issues this is unnecessary

Below are the leaked screenshots between Masarira and friend

Linda Masarira leaked chats

Linda Masarira Assaulted

Linda Masarira almost lost her eye
Linda Masarira almost lost her eye

 Masarira,  almost lost her left eye after she was reportedly beaten up by her husband, Bongani Mlotshwa, following a domestic dispute at their home over the weekend.


The incident allegedly occurred after Masarira found her 22-year-old daughter, Kupakwashe Masarira, and her husband in a compromising position inside their house.


As a result of the assault, Masarira was admitted to hospital and is currently recovering from her injuries.

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A close source revealed that she almost lost her eye due to the severity of the attack.




“I just received the information that our sister Linda Masarira is recovering from home after almost losing her eye due to GBV in the hands of her husband, Bongani Mlotshwa.

“This came after Linda found Bongani having sex with her 22-year-old daughter, Kupa. We condemn GBV,” an X user only identified as African Delinquent posted on the social media platform.



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