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Earthly Blessing: Jan Jam Partially Pays For Prophet Madungwe’s Rent Arrears

Embattled self-proclaimed prophet Talent Madungwe who has been wallowing in financial troubles has finally found reprieve from Jan Jam stores as they paid his rent arrears.

Madungwe, made headlines recently after his landlady demanded US$800 in four months of rental arrears leading to him appealing on social media for some help.

Known for his outlandish claims that he regularly meets with ‘God’ for some meals and other adventures, it is surprising that he has got his blessing from a fashion house, Jan Jam.

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In a call to DJ Ollah 7, a famous podcast host, Madungwe said he received a lifeline albeit not disclosing the exact amount he received.

To raise the US$800 he owes his landlady, Gogo Mangena, the founder of Exile Desire of All Nations turned to social media for donations. In videos shared by popular entertainment and gossip blogger Zimcelebs on Instagram, Madungwe addressed those mocking him for his financial troubles. He quoted John 8:7, asserting that everyone owes someone something.

“Saka Prophet Madungwe zvirikuita sekuti ndovega vane chikwereti. Nyika dzonoita chikwereti. Izvezvi tikaenda ku International Monetary Fund unoona zvichinzi Zimbabwe ine chikwereti chakati. Imwe nyika yakati yazobvisirwa ne World Bank chikwereti chakati. Ndiani asina chikwereti? Kana aripo ngaatiratidze. Hakuna munhu asina chikwereti. Kungoti zvako hazvina kuiswa,’ Madungwe said.

He appealed to flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo and President Emmerson Mnangagwa for assistance. He went on to state that one is being compelled to assist him. Talent Madungwe emphasised that if one does not have a debt then they are as good as dead.

“Batsirai kana muchida kubatsira muranda waMwari but hatimanikidze. Saka vanoda batsirai. But zvikwereti zviriko. nyika inoita zvikwereti. Munhu anoita chikwereti. Munhu wese hapana asina chikwereti guys saka regai kuseka Prophet Madungwe. Ndohupenyu hwacho. Ukaona usina chikwereti wakatofa kudhara. Munhu asina chikwereti munhu akatofa. Munhu mupenyu anomboitawo chikwereti achimbobhadhara. Ndichabhadhara,” he emphasised.

There have been different reactions on social media following revelations of Jan Jam’s assistance.

So glad he was not in heaven to receive this gift💚

Vanhu chaivo varikushupika out there busy looking for relevance here

Ko vabva vangodzoka kudenga nokutanbira zvipo zvapanyika,
@T_Madungwe1ita mushe iwe


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