Skomota touches woman’s kuku in public {Watch)

South African Dancing Sensation Skomota Sparks Controversy with Alleged Misconduct

South African dance sensation, Skomota, has incited a contentious discussion after a video emerged showing him engaging in questionable conduct at an outdoor gathering.

The video captures Skomota kissing one woman and inappropriately touching another, sparking widespread debate and criticism from both fans and observers.


The release of the video has sparked a heated dispute, with many raising concerns about the implications of Skomota’s behavior. Some have emphasized the power dynamics at play, asserting that his celebrity status and wealth afford him impunity. There is worry that Skomota’s actions may set a troubling precedent, reinforcing the belief that influential individuals are immune to consequences.

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Moreover, the concerning nature of the video has prompted conversations about potential legal consequences. Many have sounded the alarm, suggesting that Skomota’s actions, especially the alleged inappropriate touching, could constitute a criminal offense.


As the controversy unfolds, it is crucial to consider the broader implications of this incident. Beyond Skomota’s individual actions, this controversy serves as a stark reminder of the prevalent issues surrounding consent and respect for personal boundaries. The public response underscores an increasing societal awareness of the importance of holding individuals accountable for their behavior, regardless of their social status.

@manamela_tlou said:

“He doesn’t understand a hug of fame & a hug of sexual harassment ‘1 day setlaya tronkong se’.”

@abby_twa2 commented:

“Have you ever seen a Mihlali kinda looking girl kissing Skomota, coz it’s always Skomoto kinda looking girls kissing Skomota.”

@Nerra_B wrote:

“Trump once said ‘When you have money, you can do anything. You can even grab them by the ’. And the world went nuts.”

@AfterEarth added:

“They took advantage of a special one! Lucky guy, he can never catch a sexual harassment charge‍♂️”

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