Charamba speaks on Wicknell Chivayo’s leaked audio

In a recent statement, George Charamba, spokesperson for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, addressed the controversy surrounding a leaked audio involving Wicknell Chivayo boasting about his connections with the President and his involvement in lucrative tender deals.

Chivayo allegedly got a windfall from the Zec deal worth US$40 million to supply electoral material for the August 2023 general elections.

Charamba denounced the claims as a blatant attempt to intimidate business partners and undermine the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC).

“No one should incite the government to break the law by diminishing ZEC’s status as a legal entity. It’s noteworthy that no one has sought ZEC’s comment amidst this frenzy of self-appointment as jury,” he added.

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He emphasized that the mere act of name-dropping does not substantiate the veracity of any claims. He highlighted that ZEC operates independently, and its decision-making should not be subject to government interference. Any attempts to diminish ZEC’s authority and goad the government into unlawful actions are unwarranted.

“In business, it is not uncommon for partners to have disputes. In this case, one party allegedly resorted to name-dropping to intimidate others,” Charamba remarked.

“Such actions should not be misconstrued as indictments against the President or the Government. Claims do not gain validity simply because they are made or echoed by detractors of His Excellency, President Dr. ED Mnangagwa.”

Regarding the alleged association between Chivayo and the government, Charamba clarified that Starlink is not a government entity and is free to form partnerships as it deems fit. He dismissed the notion that Chivayo’s dealings with Starlink imply favouritism in the allocation of government tenders.

He reiterated that the President’s involvement in authorizing the satellite service was based on recommendations from a Cabinet Committee, signalling that these matters are outside the direct purview of the President and his office.

“Claims aimed at intimidating partners in a matter so distant from government cannot be a concern for the President or his office. It’s telling that no effort has been made to verify the authenticity of the voice clip or to hear Chivayo’s side of the story.”

Charamba further questioned the lack of investigative efforts by the media to verify the leaked audio and interview Chivayo to obtain his perspective. He raised concerns about the apparent desire to propagate baseless allegations that aim to tarnish the President’s reputation without substantiated evidence. He condemned such actions as absurd and aimed at sowing false scandals to discredit the President.

“There seems to be a concerted effort to propagate unsubstantiated claims, hoping they will eventually implicate the President in a nonexistent scandal. Such efforts are nothing short of insane.”

George Charamba’s remarks serve as a robust rebuttal to the circulated audio and the implications it carries. He emphasized the importance of upholding the independence of institutions like ZEC and urged responsible journalism in investigating and reporting such sensitive issues. Charamba’s statement seeks to dispel unfounded claims and safeguard the integrity of the President and the government while reiterating the need for evidence-based scrutiny in handling such matters.

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