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Video of woman warning Shebeshxt goes viral

A video has been circulating on social media, depicting a woman expressing deep concerns about Shebeshxt’s safety.

This video has quickly gone viral following the recent tragic accident involving the popular singer, which resulted in the heartbreaking loss of his nine-year-old daughter.

Shebeshxt has been making waves on social media and dominating headlines after narrowly surviving a devastating accident.

Reports indicate that the artist sustained serious injuries, including a broken leg and head trauma in the crash.

A user, identified by the handle @Am_Blujay, shared a video on the micro-blogging platform X, showcasing the woman’s urgent plea regarding Shebeshxt’s precarious situation. She urged those in his inner circle to alert him to the potential danger he might be facing.

“Shebeshxt’s crew, please, you guys are benefitting from him being on the stage, out there, amongst the people and all that. That young man’s life is in danger, do something. He is not safe. People love him, but others don’t.

“That young man needs protection on stage. He shouldn’t even be driving himself. Shebeshxt is not safe, you people.”

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