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Zimbabwe Begins Iron Production in Manhize

Harare, Zimbabwe —At a significant point for Zimbabwe’s mining industry, the steel plant of Dinson Iron and Steel Company (Disco) in Manhize near Mvuma successfully began producing pig iron from its blast furnace on Wednesday afternoon.

This occasion signifies a momentous step in Zimbabwe’s efforts to revive industry and recover economically.

The start of pig iron production at Dinson Iron and Steel Company (Disco) signifies not only a victory for the company but also a broader representation of Zimbabwe’s potential for industrial recovery. This accomplishment highlights the successful adoption of modern technologies and strategic investments to enhance the country’s mining and steel production capabilities.


DISCOSTEEL has a modern blast furnace that is crucial for producing pig iron, a fundamental raw material for steel manufacturing. The furnace’s successful operation is expected to significantly increase the company’s production capacity, contributing to the overall growth of Zimbabwe’s steel industry.

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This blast furnace, which is a significant investment in Zimbabwe’s mining infrastructure, has been designed to maximize efficiency and output. Its operation aligns with the government’s Vision 2030, which aims to elevate Zimbabwe into an upper-middle-income economy through industrialization and modernization.


The commencement of pig iron production at DISCOSTEEL is expected to have broad economic implications. Initially, it will boost local employment, creating numerous jobs in both the mining and manufacturing sectors, thereby stimulating economic activity and providing a stable income for many families.


Additionally, increased pig iron production will decrease Zimbabwe’s dependence on imports, promoting self-sufficiency and improving the country’s trade balance. It also creates opportunities for Zimbabwe to become a significant player in the regional and global steel markets, potentially attracting additional foreign investment.


The Zimbabwean government has praised DISCOSTEEL’s achievement as a demonstration of the country’s industrial capabilities and potential. Officials have emphasized the significance of such projects in propelling economic growth and development.

“We are witnessing the dawn of a new era in Zimbabwe’s industrial landscape. DISCOSTEEL’s success is a clear indicator of what can be achieved through dedication, strategic planning, and investment in technology,” said the Minister of Mines and Mining Development.

Industry analysts are also hopeful about the positive influence of DISCOSTEEL’s blast furnace. They are confident that this project will act as a catalyst for further progress in the mining and manufacturing sectors, inspiring other companies to engage in similar ventures.

In the future, DISCOSTEEL intends to expand its operations to become one of Africa’s top steel producers. The company is also considering opportunities to broaden its product range, including the production of high-quality steel and other value-added goods.

The start of pig iron production at DISCOSTEEL’s blast furnace is a significant milestone for Zimbabwe. It showcases the country’s potential for industrial rejuvenation and establishes the groundwork for future economic expansion and advancement. As Zimbabwe continues to harness its abundant mineral resources and invest in modern technologies, the nation is well on its way to realizing its ambitious economic objectives.

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