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Cricketer Blessing Kamwise was killed over mjolo

Kadoma cricketer Blessing Kamwise was reportedly killed over a girl in a gory incident that happened last month.

Scott Blessing Kamwise was killed in a violent attack in his hometown of Kadoma, along Waterworks Road, near Blue Ranges. Kamwise was ambushed while walking home by an assailant armed with a knife.

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The attacker, 34-year-old Jimmy Kambiyata, stabbed Kamwise multiple times across his body. After inflicting these injuries, he slit his throat, causing severe blood loss that made survival impossible.

Passers-by discovered his lifeless body found face down, having been stabbed repeatedly in the back. Notably, Kamwise still had his cell phone and other belongings with him, adding a layer of mystery to the attack.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) managed to hunt down the killer and caught him. He appeared at the Kadoma Magistrates’ Court on June 12 2024.

Kadoma Cricketer Blessing Kamwise Died Over A Woman
Kadoma Cricketer Blessing Kamwise
Kadoma Cricketer Blessing Kamwise Was Killed Over A Girl, Court Hears [Image: Facebook]


The Court heard that Kambiyata killed Kamwise, whom he suspected to be dating his girlfriend.

The National Prosecuting Authority revealed:

“It is the State’s case that on May 28, 2024, at around 10 PM, the accused person used his girlfriend’s cellphone to lure the now-deceased Blessing Scott Kamwise to their home on the promise that he would spend the night. Kambiyata harboured suspicions of an affair between Kamwise and his girlfriend.”

Thrilled by the prospect of spending the night with the said girl, Kamwise headed to the house, unbeknownst to him that this was a trap.

The moment the cricketer arrived at the house, Kambiyata attacked him and stabbed him in the neck and back. Kamwise died, resultantly.

The police did a thorough probe of the incident and found the knife that Kambiyata killed Kamwise with at his home.

The Kadoma Magistrate remanded Kambiyata in custody until June 24.

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