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Hatipfeke Junk Owner Attempts To Take Own Life

Clothing firm, Hatipfeke Junk founder Jefferson Nyamuchengwa reportedly attempted to take his own life earlier this week by consuming poison.

According to H-Metro, Nyamuchengwa is lucky to be alive after his friends scurried to save his life following the shocking incident.

The fashion designer had been reportedly experiencing financial troubles, which dragged him deep into depression. The pressure got to his neck, and he decided to end it all.

Nyamuchengwa allegedly booked himself at a local hotel after having bought a bottle of poison. Afterwards, he drank the poison. Fortunately, he did not die, and his squad was swift enough to save his life before he died.


Hatipfeke Junk Jefferson Nyamuchengwa
Hatipfeke Junk Owner Jefferson Nyamuchengwa Attempts To Take His Life At A Hotel [Image: @hatipfeke_junk/Instagram]

An insider to Nyamuchengwa told H-Metro that debts were choking him, and he almost succumbed to the pressure:

“He was booked at a local hotel, and it appears he was under pressure over some of his deals. The reports claim he could be in a big hole in terms of the money which is required to level the deals in which these guys are involved. His friends, though, say that there has been little to suggest that Jeff was in real trouble to such an extent he could make an attempt on his life.

“But that is what happened, and various amounts are being tossed around town, and we might never know the truth. What is not questionable is that Jeff, who is quite a strong character, was under serious pressure for him to do what he did.”

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